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Music Box School

Let the magic of music enrich your life!

  Sebastian comes from a musical family and began playing music at a very early age. Around the age of seven, he studied cello with his father until the age of eleven when he began to play guitar and bass guitar. Through his middle school years, he played a lead role in his school’s jazzband, and concert band. 

After high school Sebastian quickly began to excel, and became the host of different musical events and open mics throughout the world namely London England, San Francisco California, and Portland Maine.


  After a long stay abroad, Sebastian enrolled into Miami- Dade College where he was a member of the Jazz Ensemble, Opera Ensemble, Honor’s Choir and The Madrigal Group.  As a member of the Opera Ensemble he had several solos in musical productions, and was an active participant in the Jazz Ensemble as a guitarist.

Electric/ Bass guitar lessons in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

  After two years of studying in Miami, he transferred to Columbia University where he dedicated most of his time to composition, and lyrical writing. There he was a member of the Bach Society, The Classical Guitar Ensemble, and studied voice at Manhattan School of Music. During his senior year, he had several original pieces performed on campus through the advanced composition program, and had an independent study in recording, production, video production and composition.

After graduating, Sebastian spent the following year developing and directing a music program for a Charter School in the Bronx, and over the following summer directed the music program at an all girls’ summer camp in Maine.


  Currently Sebastian is teaching privately while recording and producing a solo album, and working at different live events throughout the five Burroughs. He also is working part time at the charter school in the Bronx continuing to help them develop a lasting music program. 

Sebastian teaches various styles of music from Classical and Jazz to Rock Music and he is very passionate about making sure that every student is given the tools they need to perform, share and enjoy music! 

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