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Nathanael is a guitarist fluent in many styles. He plays jazz, rock, blues, classical guitar, and more while blending genres seamlessly together. Nathanael moved to St. Paul, MN in the fall of 2011 to attend school at McNally Smith College of Music. While there, he performed and recorded with the Jake Brisson Band, The Authority Figures, and the Nathanael Koenig Jazz Trio. In 2014 he graduated near the top of his class with a Bachelor of Music degree in Guitar Performance.

On May 1st, 2015 he released his debut solo guitar album, Along the Way. Within the medium of solo classical guitar, genres from around the globe were explored, mixed, and innovated into nine unique pieces. Tracks like "In the Beginning", "In Burgos", and "Caesar's Rose" add a unique, modern sound to classical and flamenco guitar repertoire. Other tunes like "Blue Lotus" offer lush, introspective improvisations over Latin grooves, or a standard, jazz swing feel like the title track "Along the Way".

Guitar lessons in Sheepshead Bay

Now based out of Brooklyn, NY, Nathanael performs regularly with his acoustic jazz group and with the flutist Suki Rae. Along with that, he teaches a variety of music classes and private lessons.

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