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Music Box School

Let the magic of music enrich your life!

Eva Arce is a musician, multi-instrumentalist performer, and instructor based in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She began playing the piano at age 10, and at age 11 began playing the French Horn.  She studied at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College where she received a B.A. in Music with a minor in Psychology. Completed a year of graduate studies in Music Therapy at SUNY New Paltz. After a rewarding five years working closely with geriatric and TBI populations as a Music Therapist, she moved to pursue music as a performing art. Currently performs regularly in various ensembles which include the UN Symphony Orchestra, Funkrust Brass Band on, and Jeremy Cone's 'The Field' project. Performing venues have included Steinway Hall, the Cathedral of St. John the Devine, House of Yes, and the Music Under NY program among many others. 

Music Box School of Music

At present, she is undertaking intensive piano study under Jack Gedzelman, an accomplished pianist who has studied under and performed alongside Leonard Bernstein. Jack is very selective with the students he accepts and currently coaches Giacomo Franci,  a successful concert pianist and Maestro of the NY Chamber Players Orchestra. Her goal is to achieve the maximum level of mastery in both classical piano performing and teaching.


"My reverence for music is a major driving force behind much of my undertakings, both professionally and in leisure. Whether as a performer, teacher, or therapist, I find deep reward in sharing the wonders of music with those around me and inspiring them to find excitement, enjoyment, and empowerment in engaging in its many forms. In its great flexibility, music has provided me with a medium for which I will never run out of endeavors."

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