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  Joshua Vigran is consistently breaking the delineations between technical prowess and artistic sensitivity that so often is associated with today’s up-and-coming classical musicians. 

Mr. Vigran recently graduated from the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College with Masters Degree in Piano Performance  and holds a Bachelors Degree of Piano Performance from the Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University Long Beach.

Piano teachers in Sheepshead Bay

  Mr. Vigran continues to collaborate and study with some of the greatest talents in the world. This persistently shapes and develops his unique musical voice in ways that appeals to audiences.

Mr. Vigran balances his performance career serving as Minister of Music at Christ’s First Presbyterian Church in Hempstead, Long Island where he plays organ and keys, and directs the choir. As a church of primarily Caribbean-American congregants, this affords Mr. Vigran a unique opportunity to combine classical, contemporary popular, and world music elements on a regular basis.

Teaching is another passion of Mr. Vigran, and he has taught piano and music theory both privately and at professional music schools. He is currently teaching students of varying musical and cultural backgrounds and specializes in both Classical and Jazz styles.

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