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Music Box SchoolLet the magic of Art enrich your life!

Drawing classes in Staten Island, NY

This class introduces your child to basic art skills, and gives them opportunity to grow as young artists. Activities include Pencil Drawing, Work With Paint, Landscape Painting, Work With Nature, Still Life, Portrait Painting, Arts and Crafts.


Art is the subject for the test in the schools of gifted and talented.

Art classes in Staten Island, NY

At our art classes students learn different techniques including sketching, brush, practice using different media (watercolor, gouache, acrylics). The students are also exposed to sculpture, printing, and paper-making.

A Unique Drawing Experience

Students will see how with just one set of directions, everyone in the classroom will come up with very unique works of abstract art

Classic Still Life Drawing

Students will learn the classic method of drawing, on toned paper with charcoal or black pencil, heightened with white

Painting classes at Music Box School in Brooklyn, NY

Color Collision

Students will create designs using color and shape as they learn about amorphic and organic shapes

Make a Monet

This lesson plan teaches students about Monet and Impressionistic as students are encouraged to create their own Impressionistic painting

Art classes in Brooklyn, NY

Art Classes Include:

Arts and crafts school for kids in Staten Island, NY

Chuck Close Portrait Drawing

An art teacher shows how to draw portraits using the grid system

ABCs of Printmaking

An introduction to printmaking

Crafts and arts at Music Box School in Brooklyn, NY

Draw Animal

Students will learn about using grids to plan out proportions and symmetry as they create a step- by- step drawing of an animal

Paint Like Kandinsky

Students will explore  the expressive qualities of line and color through the study of Wassily Kandinsky. They will also become more familiar with the painting process, as well as different kinds of colors and lines

Painting classes in Staten Island, NY

Greek Pottery Designs

Students will be introduced to the designs of Ancient Greek Pottery as they explore the use of geometric and organic shape in making ordered patterns

Drawing classes in Brooklyn, NY

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