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Music Box School

Let the magic of music enrich your life!

As Liz holds her MMs in Music Teaching from New York University Steinhardt in conjunction with NYU Langone, and her BAs in Music History and Vocal Performance. Through her style of piano coaching, she helps players to unpack the music they are performing so they are better able to interpret the narrative nature of their pieces, starting with an approach to basic tonality and functional harmony, as well as identifying macro and micro forms, textures, and contrapuntal techniques, and so forth. Liz is an experienced piano instructor and she enjoys helping her students to prepare for recitals and exams.



 Her piano curriculum for all ages consists of:

• Music Literacy

• Theoretical Understanding of Functional “Tonal” Harmony

• Interpretative Performance Informed by Harmonic Analysis

• Music History applicable to selected repertoire

• Aural Development/Ear Training

• Technique (Scales, Exercises, Etudes)

• Collaborating and playing with other players

• Improvisation & Baroque Ornamentation (for more advanced students)

Piano lessons in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
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