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Music Box SchoolLet the magic of music enrich your life!

Our private voice lessons are designed to your musical interests and are catered to provide you with the best tools in furthering your progress.


We will share our love for music with you and create a fun, loving and creative environment for you to become the musician you aspire to be.

Voice and Singing lessosn in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Voice/ Singing Lessons

Voice/ Vocal lessons in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
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We believe that the joy of singing should be accessible to all.


We start our classes with a warm-up and continue with different techniques to improve your range, proper breathing, posture, intonation, diction, phrasing, ear training and tone production.

During second part of the class we spend time on different pieces that you wish to work on.


Our teachers are highly trained and have years of experience working in the field. We will inspire you to be the best you can be and prepare you for singing in bands, school performances, auditions, competitions or just sing for fun.

Voice lessons in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
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Voice teachers in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Our voice teachers will create an individual plan considering your goals and music styles you wish to focus on.


We encourage our students to bring music they like on their phones and memory cards to use as inspiration and material to work on.

It is very important for us to leave positive memories and emotions about music so our students can understand and appreciate the beauty of music in the future.

Singing lessons at Music Box School
Vocal school in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
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We can help you with getting ready to pass music exams. Our students were successfully admitted to Mark Twain School, Bay Academy, La Guardia High School and has passed internationally recognized ABRSM and NYSSMA music exams with high scores. 

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