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Music Box SchoolLet the magic of music enrich your life!

We are very big on personalized lessons. We want to make sure you child makes progress from lesson to lesson while having fun and enjoying the process.

Together we will make sure to help you to become the guitarist you aspire to be!

Guitar lessons in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Guitar Lessons

Acoustic, Electric, Bass guitar lessons
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Whether you are interested in acoustic, electric, or bass guitar lessons, we will create an exciting experience for you! 

During our beginner guitar lesson teacher will focus on learning finger placement, sight-reading, chord placement and theory.

It is very important for us to leave positive memories and emotions about music so our students can understand and appreciate the beauty of music in the future.

Guitar lessons in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
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Guitar teachers in Bay Ridge, Brookyn

Our instructors will teach you how to play the music styles and songs you are passionate about, from classic, rock, jazz, blues, pop, to metal or country. We encourage you to bring your phone or memory card with your favorite songs to the class.

We also offer Rock Band Classes!

At the end of the semester Rock Band will get to take their songs from the lesson room to the stage and perform at the concert that will be professionally video recorded. 

We provide all the instruments, microphones and amplification for the rehearsals, but students are welcome to bring their own instrument! 

Rock Band Classes at Music Box School
Guitar school in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
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We can help you with getting ready to pass music exams. Our students were successfully admitted to Mark Twain School, Bay Academy, La Guardia High School and has passed internationally recognized ABRSM and NYSSMA music exams with high scores. 

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