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  Belarussian cellist Alexandra Moiseeva began her musical education at the age of six discovering a great talent and passion for music. Her success radiated to a scholarship from Spivakov Charity Foundation, which Alexandra received in 1997.


  In 2004 she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from The Mogilev College of Music.  During her senior year she worked as a cello teacher as well as well acclaimed performer. Throughout the period of 2004-2009, she played in Minsk Orchestra of Popular Music and “ Young Belarus” student’s orchestra that  performed annually in Germany.

Music school in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

   In 2007, as part of a Piano Trio, Alexandra won 1st Prize in Belarussian National Competition of Chamber Music. Over the next couple of years (2007-2009), she also spent most of her time playing with the Minsk Star Quartet. Since 2007 she performed with the National Academic Orchestra of Opera and Ballet Theatre on one of the most popular stages of Belarus, taking part in concerts, operas, ballets and even onstage costume performances. As an orchestra musician, Alexandra performed with such celebrities as Yuri Bashmed, Vladimir Spivakov, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, M. Hekker, Bochkova, and Tretiakov.


  In 2009, Alexandra received a Master’s Degree in Music with specialization in cello from Belarus Academy of Music. Alexandra Shpeneva and participated in master-classes with Kirill Rodin and Igor Gavrish, both well-known Professors in Moscow Conservatory and worldwide performers. 


  In summer of 2009 Alexandra moved to New York City where following her passion for classical music, she became a member of an Empyreal Strings ensemble, Harmonia Strings, Consonance21, Empire State Symphony Orchestra and Aarontetelbaum Orchestra, which perform all over NY state. She also took a place at the orchestra of New York City Chamber Players. Besides, she is professional teacher and has recently completed the long-term Suzuki Teacher Training at School for Strings with Pamela Devenport. Alexandra holds position of substitute teacher in Brooklyn College and teaches privately.

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