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Music Box School

Let the magic of music enrich your life!

  Improviser and composer Logan Strosahl was born 1989 in Seattle, WA. He graduated from New England Conservatory in 2011. Trained as a jazz musician, and having won many accolades and awards for his playing (including stints in the nationally selected Gibson/Baldwin Grammy Jazz Band, 2006-7 the Vail Jazz Workshop 2006, and four rare soloist awards from the Essentially Ellington Festival 2003-7), he simultaneously became interested in composition at an early age.


  At New England Conservatory he broadened his studies, incorporating experimental American music, spectralism, minimalism, and free improvisation into his influences, and mixing through-composed works with improvisation.

Music school in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

  In his junior year, he began to study counterpoint, focusing on polyphonic music of the 16th and 17th as Byrd, Gibbons, Lawes, and Purcell. In Logan’s music, the polyphonic craft— faithfully and accurately represented--unites the diverse stylistic worlds he draws upon. Logan has recently moved to Brooklyn. His first album, Up Go We, is coming out on Sunnyside records in mid-2015. 


  Logan’s teaching focuses on technique, understanding, and expression. Students of any age will develop a technical knowledge that will lend itself to professional work in the field, as well as the sensitivity and intuition that allows their own inner creativity to take root and enrich their life. Interest in all music is welcomed—you choose the music to focus on!

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