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Music Box School

Let the magic of music enrich your life!

Leila Suleimenova developed a love for music at an early age. From the age of four she would join a little music club, with her mother, to learn the music. And in a year she moved to a real music school by name of Tchaikovsky. Seven years she spent to graduate and become one of the best students of the school.

About 9 years ago she moved to the United States and get involved in church music. However, Church music is very different from classic music, but the experience and knowledge of music, helped her to accomplish Christian hymnals, where mostly you create your arrangement. And then she became a supporter of the church’s worship environment through the well-prepared execution of music presented by the choir and other musicians. Serve as accompanist for God’s joyful servant's Choir in regular and special rehearsals and performances as assigned. Facilitate congregational singing and worship through the excellent execution of hymns and other songs. She became a part of the choir, attending its rehearsals and performing with other performers.

Vocal tutors in Oakwood Heights, Woodrow areas in Staten Island

Nothing could be more exciting in our lives than something that we are passionate about. For instance, performing music and singing has been the most companion of my life. Sharing experience and knowledge about music and singing with others is a pleasure. Students may use it in their performances, which makes our life much more enjoyable when we hear of what they do with music.

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