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Music Box School

Let the magic of music enrich your life!

Elisabeth Kiger studied violin and viola concurrently under the Benjamin Podolski school for eleven years and has performed professionally with numerous string quartets as well as youth orchestras as principle violist and principle second violin.  


She holds a BFA in Music and Music History from Goucher college and multiple masters/post graduate degrees in Music from NYU: Steinhardt. She teaches violin and viola via the Schradiek and Suzuki methodologies and has experience working with students ages 4 - 57, both in private lessons and via group classes in the NYC public schools here in Brooklyn.  

Violin lessons in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Elisabeth loves teaching both classical study of the instrument as well as Blue Grass and Fiddle music, as a nod to her childhood in West Virginia. She believes that while violin is a discipline it should also be fun and encourages playing pop music in conjunction with the classical study methods. She believes wholeheartedly in music literacy and all her students learn theory and reading abilities in conjunction with their study. 


She also believes performance is an integral part of the practice of learning an instrument and encourages recital performance and competitions.

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